Bubble-Free Cell Disruption
Bubble-free E coli low-temp cell disruption at 5,000 psi
a) Left, before processing b) Right, after processing by NanoLyzers
Rupture rate v.s. cycles. E Coli Processed at 10,000 psi by NanoLyzers, rupture rate based on absorption of UV-vis.
Scale-Up to Mass Production
Alternative process of Sonication to mass produce CNT dispersion solution by NanoLyzers, high pressure homogenizers.
Extract algae oil from algae disruption solution produced by NanoLyzers on mass production scale
Case study of vaccine adjuvants. Processing parameters at laboratory NanoLyzers can be easily scale up to industrial NanoLyzers, uniform particle size reduction and distribution can be achieved for production purposes.
Milling Media Free Dispersion
Particle size distribution inspected by DLS is similar for both samples, but impurity caused by beads milling process influence the properties of display devices obviously.,
Left, Milling by beads mill; Right, processed by NanoLyzers