Desktop High-Pressure Homogenizer:NanoLyzer N-2:

Desktop NanoLyzer N2 homogenizer works conveniently, running on a standard 220V single phase power, without compressed air. It reduces noise and a lot of power consumption caused by no compressed air requirements. Batch volume as small as 20 ml (140ml while equipped with product outlet heat exchanger), working pressure up to 30,000 psi. It has been designed to work reliably on continuously running especially for quick, efficient and consistent results, ease of use and scalability is also the advantages to product development.

NanoLyzer N2 Specifications  
Model N2-2D N2-3D
Pressure Range up to 20,000 psi (1,360 bar) Up to 30,000psi (2,068 bar)
Flow rate Up to 80 ml/min Up to 50 ml/min
Minimum Sample Volume 20ml/ 140 ml with heat exchanger
Max. Feed Temperature 75 ℃
Power Unit Electric-hydraulic
Nozzle Material Diamond, fixed geometry
Plunger Material Ceramic
Enclosure Stainless steel
Hold-up Volume 20 ml
Dimensions (W x D x H) 720 x 600 x 500 mm
Weight 120 kg
Utility Requirements:  
Electrical Single phase 60 Hz, 220 V, 2HP (1.5KW)
Colling Water , hydraulic oil 5 lpm @25 oC, PT 1/2”
Colling Water, product outlet 10 lpm @16 oC PT 1/2”
  Above figures are subject to change

Available Options

◎Additional diamond chambers
◎Cooling bath for diamond chambers
◎Outlet Heat Exchanger
◎Various volume reservoirs
◎Pressure-type reservoir
◎Back Flushing
◎IQ/OQ Validation Documents
◎FAT/ SAT Factory and onsite acceptance test
◎Extended Warranty Plan