Industrial High-Pressure Homogenizer :NanoLyzer N-200

Nanolyzers are technically superior and quality built, performance of Nanolyzer is proven widely to be used for nanodispersion, high pressure homogenization, deagglomeration, encapsulation and cell disruption. Process parameters at laboratory models can be linearly scale up to industrial models. Flow rate of NanoLyzer N200 series up to 3.5LPM, operating pressure up to 40,000 psi. We may provide validation documentation to support cGMP/ PICs pharmaceutical application. N-200 series equipped with direct-drive pumps and fixed-geometry interaction chambers, constant operating pressure can be achieved for uniform particle size reduction and higher cell rupture rate. This process technology is changing the scope of the fluids processing industry.

NanoLyzer N200 Specifications  
Model N200-3 N200-4
Pressure Range Up to 30,000 psi Up to 40,000psi
Flow Rate Up to 3500 ml/min Up to 2800 ml/min
Minimum Sample Volume 10 liter
Max. Feed Temperature 75 ℃
Power Unit Electrical Direct-Drive
Nozzle Material Diamond, fixed geometry or Ceramic homogenization Valve
Plunger Material Ceramic
Enclosure Stainless steel
Hold-up Volume 1200 ml
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1000 x 1500 x 1400 mm
Weight 680 kg
Utility Requirements:  
Electrical 3 phase 60 Hz, 380 V, 30HP (22KW)
Compressed Air 30 NM3/min, 6 Kg/cm2, 8mm tube
Colling Water , Intensifier 10 lpm @25 °C, G 3/8”
Cooling Water, product outlet 30 lpm @16 °C, G 3/8”
  Above figures are subject to change

Available Options  

◎ Chiller
◎ Additional diamond chambers
◎ PLC Control System
◎ Cooling Bath for Diamond Chambers
◎ Outlet Heat Exchanger
◎ Inlet/Outlet Product Tanks
◎ Inlet Booster Pump
◎ Back Flushing
◎ IQ/OQ Validation Documents
◎ FAT/ SAT Factory and onsite acceptance test
◎ Extended Warranty Plan