NanoLyzer, high pressure homogenizer(HPH), is powered by intensifier pumps, product fluid fed through fixed microchannels and speed up to hundreds of meters per second, then forced to bombard on a solid surface, powerful forces of shear, impact and cavitation occur and the product is dramatically improved. With NanoLyzer process technology, 100% of your product will be deliver into interaction chambers with fixed geometry orifice and microchannels, product will be consistent and reproducible, scale up will be easy from laboratory to production. Nanolyzers are technically superior and quality built, used for emulsions, dispersions, deagglomeration, encapsulation and cell disruption. This process technology is changing the scope of the fluids processing industry. It represents an existing alternative to conventional methods.

Fig. 1, NanoLyzers provide higher shear levels typically enhance process efficiency by requiring fewer passes and better result.


Fig. 2, Products processed by NanoLyzers. It shows particle size reduction and uniform size distribution

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Fig. 3, Liposomal Amphotericin B and Doxorubicin are continuously produced by NanoLyzers. It show repeatability is excellent on NanoLyzer, scale up will be simple from laboratory to production.


Fig. 4, Inkjet ink produced by NanoLyzers. Particle size reduction and uniform size distribution can be achieved by such Milling-media free dispersion process.

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Fig. 5, Continuous low-temp cell disruption. E-coli with fluorescence and algae with Astaxanthin processed by NanoLyzers.
We offer wide-range models to fit your budget and requirements. Minimum sample volume as small as 20 ml to industrial production models, flow rate started from 0.05LPM to 3.5 LPM, maximum working pressure is 40,000 psi. NanoLyzers equipped with interaction chamber which with fixed geometry orifice and microchannels, there is no moving parts inside the chambers, results in uniform particle size reduction and repeatability. Refer machine specifications below or discover how our high pressure homogenizer works to fit your requirements.
Model Drive Chamber Max pressure (psi)

Flow rate(ml/min)


Dimension(L/ W/H, cm)


N2 series Hydraulic Diamond 30,000 50~80 220V /1 phase 1.5KW

72/ 60/ 50 120
N10 series Hydraulic Diamond 30,000 250~330 220V/3 phase 3.7KW 85/75/135 280
N200 series Electrical direct-drive Diamond 40,000 1800~3500 380V/ 3phase 22KW 100/150/140 680



◎ High shear processing chamber made by Diamond
◎ Ceramic plunger for extended seal life
◎ Clean-in-place (CIP) with no disassembly required
◎ Batch or continuous operation
◎ On-board heat exchanger for outlet product
◎ No compressed air requirement
◎ Milling media-free dispersion
◎ Bubble-free cell disruption
◎ Ability of scale up production
Inkjet ink processed by NanoLyzers
◎ Cell Disruption
◎ High Pressure Homogenization
◎ Liposome
◎ Stable Suspension
◎ Nano Lipid Carrier
◎ Encapsulation in liposome, polymer and oil
◎ Particle Size Reduction, Dispersion
◎ Deagglomeration
◎ Nano emulsion
◎ Organic/Inorganic Hybrid
◎ Preparation of CNT and Cellulose Nanofibrils