NanoLyzer N2

Desktop NanoLyzer N2 homogenizer works conveniently, running on a standard 220V single phase power, without compressed air.

NanoLyzer N10

NanoLyzer N10 powered by electric-hydraulic system and equipped with fixed geometry diamond interaction chamber.

NanoLyzer N200

NanoLyzer N200 series up to 4LPM, operating pressure up to 30,000 psi. N200 series equipped with intensifier pumps and fixed-geometry interaction chambers

Diamond Chambers

We supply various types of homogenization valves and diamond interaction chambers. Compatible interaction cambers are also available upon request.

Bubble-free Cell Disruption

NanoLyzer equipped with fixed-geometry Diamond chambers, product fluid speed up to hundreds of meters per second, then forced to flow into the interaction chambers to generate shear...

Scale-Up to Mass Production

Compare with other tools widely used in laboratory alike Sonicator or Rotar stator, researchers are always facing obstacles to scale up the process data into mass production...

Milling Media-Free Dispersion

In order to obtain higher shear of conventional milling process, smaller beads with 0.03mm are utilized at beads milling process. Users are facing higher operation and maintenance cost...


Concept Test

Nanolyzers are technically superior and quality built, performance of Nanolyzer is proven widely to be used for nanodispersion, high pressure homogenization, deagglomeration, encapsulation and cell disruption.

Product Processing Orders

We accept product OEM orders of high pressure homogenization and cell disruption depending on the circumstances and factory arrangement. Contact us for details.


Rental program is also available upon request, depending on the circumstances and factory arrangement. Contact us for details.(Not available)