Polymer Homogenization

In the preparation of polymer solution, polymer will be mixed with the appropriate solvent and stirred, it would be considered as dissolved completely if transparent polymer solution be observed. But polymer micro-gel is invisible by human eyes, it is very easy to cause abnormal quality problems of the finished product.

NanoLyzer's ultra-high shear force can be used to replace or enhance the mixing operation of stirrers and conventional homogenizers. Better dispersion results can be obtained under the same formulation of polymer solution. Take multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) as an example, its polymer binder usually mixed with different polymers which with different molecular weights, it can be observed that viscosity of binder solution significantly reduced by high pressure homogenization process ofNanoLyzers, meanwhile the residue of micro-gel particles can be reduced, conducive to preparation of ceramic powder paste (Slip) and thin film coating process, greatly improve the characteristics of the MLCC finished product.

In order to improve the dispersion characteristics of functional ceramic powders into the polymer solution (ceramic slurry). For example the packaging resin of luminescent devices, it can also be found that smaller average particle size and better particle size distribution after treatment ofhigh- shearNanoLyzers, conceive to better physical properties and excellent quality of finished products.